30 Minutes For Life

30 Minutes for Life

If you think that you have to spend hours at the gym to be healthy- think again!
Research has shown that just 30 minutes of brisk walking each day can have enormous health benefits for you. You can get your 30 minutes of walking in a number of ways.

Our prescription for walking is:
***30 Minutes daily or 15 minutes 2x/day OR 10 minutes 3x/day***

What are the benefits?
• Daily walking of 30 minutes for 12 weeks has been shown to lower overall body weight and decrease percent body fat.
• Reduce the risk of heart Disease, stroke and type 2 Diabetes
• Reduced risk of depression among elderly adults. In elderly adults classified with major depressive disorder, a 50% reduction of the disorder occurred after 4 months of an exercise program.
How can you start a walking program?
If you’re already walking you can keep at your pace or set new goals for your fitness. If you’re just starting out on a walking program, start slow and easy. Build your stamina by walking short daily sessions of 5 minutes, gradually working your way to 30 minutes a day over several weeks.
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