About Us

Touchstone Physical Therapy & Wellness is a local, independent physical therapy practice started in 2010 by Kelly Sykes.  A Columbia native and physical therapist for over 20 years, Kelly wanted a practice that would partner with patients to help them move well and live well.  This vision has resulted in a community of practitioners with the freedom to spend time tailoring treatment plans that meet each client’s needs.  At Touchstone, we recognize the healing power of touch and believe the body is wise.  Teaching patients to have greater body awareness is a key part of our treatment plans.

Our philosophy of care is grounded in the idea that education and awareness of your condition is critical to the healing and recovery process.  Our practitioners have an exceptional ability to put all the pieces together and solve “tough” or previously unsolvable problems. Moreover, these practitioners focus on honing their expertise to apply both the “tried and true” techniques with newer innovations in therapy.   Touchstone’s integrative approach considers the whole person and their lifestyle, not just their injury or pain, and offers complementary services to its clients.

My therapist tailored a physical therapy program specifically designed to return me to competitive baseball. As a scientist as well as an athlete, I appreciated his analytical approach towards my rehabilitation. He would explain in detail the various stretching and strengthening exercises and how these impacted individual muscle groups. I was able to resume competitive activities much sooner than originally anticipated.— Joseph M.
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