"The best of the best is back in Howard County!

Kelly has put our family back together – limb by limb! From back, hip, shoulder, foot and wrist surgeries, Kelly carefully helped diagnose the problems, referred us to other great healthcare providers when needed, and rehabilitated us back to full health. Kelly's outstanding competence, kind manner and enthusiasm for his work make him an exceptional physical therapist. Run, limp or crawl to Kelly's holistic practice!"

Mike and Jeanette Riley
Ellicott City, MD


“A couple of years ago I fell on the ice and did quite a bit of damage to my right shoulder….torn rotator cuff and super labrum tear Unfortunately, surgery was necessary. I was prescribed several months of physical therapy to regain the strength in my shoulder and bicep. All I can say is this…..if left in his capable hands, a successful recovery should be expected. However, keep in mind, the assigned exercise regime must be followed. If I ever have to go through physical therapy, Kelly will be my first phone call.”

Liz P.


“I first met Mr. Kelly Sykes when my then 13 yr. old daughter was struggling with shin splints. After seeing multiple physical therapists and the problem not resolved, I asked around the Howard County sports circuit and was recommended to see Mr. Sykes. It was clear to me from the very first visit that I finally found a therapist who knows what he is talking about. His knowledge of human anatomy, the complex relationships between muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments are incredible – dare I say better than any doctors. I can attest to the fact that I grew to trust Mr. Sykes more than an orthopedic specialist. To the extent that if my daughter gets injured, the first person that comes to my mind is Mr. Sykes. Over the last 3 years, my daughter saw him for sprained ankle, stress reaction, hip flexor issues. He has been there for her and guided her through many problems. Because he grew up in Howard County, Mr. Sykes is also very familiar with its school system and can strike up a conversation on any topic related to school, sports, and politics. I am incredibly thrilled that he is starting his own therapy place…how lucky we are all to have his services here in Columbia.”

Dr. Shobha Kondragunta


“On the basis of my several months of contact with Mr. Kelly I came to know him well, both as a physical therapist and as superb human being. Mr. Kelly is not only an honest, fine and pleasant person but also a knowledgeable, competent and intelligent physical therapist person whose first priority is patients well being and comfort; he enjoys doing so. Physical therapy is not a job for him but an enjoyable vocation. He obviously relishes making patients comfortable and pain free or at least make the pain bearable. He uses the time spent during treatment session to educate the patient about the root cause of the pain or muscle spasm; he explains the principles of treatment regimen and why he is using a particular method or the technique to relieve the symptom. He likes to know the situation or the circumstances that caused a particular symptom, knowing the psychosocial circumstances helps in designing a treatment program specific for the patient. This is very valuable quality, not commonly noted, in a health care professional. I am impressed by his professionalism, cheerful nature and pleasant personality. Mr. Kelly is the best physical therapist I have seen in my clinical experience of more than forty years. If anyone known to me needs the services of a physical therapist, Mr. Kelly is the one I will recommend.”

Chandra M. Tiwary MC, COL (USA Ret.) 


“With three young kids at home, I didn’t feel like I had the time or desire to commit to what I thought would be weeks of boring PT sessions. Throughout my time with Kelly, though, I actually found myself looking forward to my appointments. He had the expertise I needed, but also the listening skills and good humor that made my visits enjoyable. Without any reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend him!”

Nancy R.


“Kelly Sykes worked with me after shoulder surgery for a torn labrum. I explained that the reason for the surgery was to repair damage caused by pitching and my intention was to rehab my shoulder to allow me to return to competitive baseball. With that knowledge, Kelly tailored a physical therapy program specifically designed to accomplish that goal. As a scientist as well as an athlete, I appreciated Kelly’s analytical approach towards my rehabilitation. He would explain in detail the various stretching and strengthening exercises and how these impacted individual muscle groups. I responded very well to Kelly’s directed therapy and was able to resume competitive activities much sooner than originally anticipated. Kelly’s personal, yet professional approach contributed greatly towards accomplishing this goal.”

Joseph M.

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